Gwan url re write apache

The totals at the bottom of the min, ave and max columns show the SUMS of all the values above. I just create small plugins of my own that take care of specific options for each specific site, so I know what everything does.

In reality, many CMSes Drupal, Wordpress, etc attach cookies to almost everything whether or not it is needed so it is common to write VCL to strip the cookies out of content that is known to be static which in turn causes Varnish to cache it.

Optimizing web server performance with Nginx and PHP

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10 Million hits a day with WordPress using a $15 server

I liked the tip about the 3 different setups. No matter how good your web service is, if it takes 5 seconds to load a page, people will dislike using it. Then enable the cache in the site configuration files options like these: Typically, they change by doing some sort of database query that affects the content of the page being served up to the user.

More optimization There is still a lot more to optimize. All four of these finished their tests within 12 seconds of each other, very close indeed. I would LOVE to see that implementation, this is top-notch stuff. Which web server do you typically use and why.

Thu, 28 Sep Note that, depending on the server being tested, a test can take several weeks. Here are the most serious claims, made for v2. The problem with running weighttpd on the same server that is running the web server software, is that a significant amount of CPU resources end up being used by the test itself which are thereby taken away from the web server.

But on which side remains disputable: All web servers had keep alive enabled, with a keep alive timeout of 60 seconds, with requests allowed per keep alive connection.

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Gwan url re write apache
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Optimizing web server performance with Nginx and PHP - Seravo