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While the drives are essentially interchangeable among Apple II computers, both with each other and with the earlier drives, only the Apple 5. You can find a lot of info regarding this by searching these groups.

In other words, it easy to make a variable speed motor behave like a fixed speed motor, but not vise versa. A Macintosh computer running System 9 or earlier. This put an illegal code on the disk where the checksum was expected. The disk format auto-detection algorithms rely on finding the disk catalog track.

An Apple IIgs with 3. She can only order replacment disks from him as well, she can't buy new ones. DSK file into the program window. You need to convert the disk image to a format accepted by software on the Apple II and then transfer it over.

And even then, it would only support low speed USB mode. First I need to completely test out the write function. It was similar in appearance to the Disk IIc. This means you can save your game even in a program that doesn't natively support save games. I have debugged a fair percentage of the code with Atmel's simulator.

If it says "damaged: Here is the list of things you will need to get disk images off your PC and on to your Apple 2: Also double check that ADTPro is configured correctly fortransfers and using the correct port - ie.

Initially, Wozniak attempted to develop an FM -type controller with a smaller chip count and by making improvements to the FM encoding scheme, he was able to squeeze out 10 sector per track storage.

If it's very short, or partially damaged, CiderPress won't recognize the disk.

How to covert some old Apple II (ala '86) to PC files?

However, PC drives don't have variable speed motors in them so it is impossible for them to read or write Apple disks. So far the power supply section is holding up well, something I'll keep monitoring. Seek and recalibrate code is in place and working pretty reliably. I was originally using the same timing for stepper operations as Apple.

Read-only mode is enabled by default for physical disks, but you can change this from the "Disk Images" tab of the "Preferences" interface. Disk images with damaged filesystems are opened read-only to avoid compounding existing problems.

If you try to open a ". After Wozniak finished studying IBM disk controller designs, Jobs then demanded that Shugart sell them a stripped disk drive that had no controller board, index sensor, load solenoids, or track zero sensor.

There is an open-source Windows software out there than can decipher and convert all sorts of Apple ][ files and disk images: For a while, the only direct competitor in the microcomputer industry was the TRS Model Iwhich had used only standard FM storage for 85k.

You need to convert the disk image to a format accepted by software on the Apple II and then transfer it over. Submitted by Robert Gomez on Sun, Or course, Apple's design was more complicated and thus more expensive.

After that comes the last major step in implementing the RWTS. They used different connectors that could not be misaligned in later drives. CiderPress does not perform low-level disk formatting, e. Open the new disk image.

Apple II: Running Your Favorite Software from the Past

This will greatly simplify implementation of my version. DSK images to and from disks conected to modern PCs. The connector is very easy to misalign on the controller card, which will short out a certain IC in the drive; if later connected correctly, a drive damaged this way will delete any disk inserted into it as soon as it starts spinning, even write-protected disks such as those used to distribute commercial software.

I might be able to get another cord via my local Mac User's Group. It was possible to use it on other Apple II models, so long as it came last in the chain of drive devices due to lacking a daisy-chain port ; but since the Disk IIc was sold without a controller card, the Apple IIc computer needing none, it had to be adapted to an existing Disk II controller card in this case.

The ST is an incompatible format as well yet you can write those on a PC. As good as the programs look on a modern LCD-type screen, they still look better on a nice tiny tube monitor. That is to implement the format disk function. That I know of, anyone who knows better can correct me, PC drives CANNOT format disks for Apple II computers.

You'll need to transfer the file to your II using either ADT or ADTPro, which wil write the program to the disk drive on your Apple II. Dec 25,  · The PRODOS disks can be read by a Mac but the Apple " drive is rare and reads DOS, not PRODOS.

Dayna File drives would read both sizes but they are also hard to fine. If you Google for Dayna File disk drives, you will take a trip down memory lane.

System 7,8,9 supported the ProDos disk format, which is the Apple II format, and I don't think OS X supports this (besides, most OS X Macs don't have floppy drives either) Lots of Blank " or " disks! Jun 26,  · It's odd--I've got an old Microsolutions MatchPoint PC--an ISA board that reads and writes Apple II floppies--and there's almost nothing to it.

Some SSI TTL mostly on a half-length card. It seems that one could take the circuit shown in "Understanding the Apple II", a small microcontroller and construct a USB equivalent for not much money at all.

Modern PC to Disk ][ Interface Current board will be used to develop a hardware interface to Disk II, as well as RWTS code that resides on micro-controller. Final board will need an micro controller with more memory in order to buffer an multiple sectors at one time.

Initial debug will be through ASCII commands sent to the AVR's RS port. Jan 09,  · Rather than writing Apple II disks from a PC, how about just reading PC disks from a Apple II? Apple IIgs System 6 (or or ) software can _READ_ " PC disks -- but not _WRITE_ them.

So I would think it would work if the image can fit on the disk (probably needs to be compressed). So basically you would write the image to a PC disk, then read it in on the IIgs, then use the IIgs to .

Write apple ii disks pc
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